We are not shy to reveal the prices of our services. Our fees are affordable, transparent and comply with the rate guide proposed by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec. Depending on your insurance company, 50% -100% of the costs may be covered. It will be our pleasure to send them an estimate of the care you need before undertaking any major treatment.

Thanks to the RAMQ, children under the age of 10 receive the following services free of charge: annual examination, emergency exams, x-rays, amalgam fillings (gray) for posterior teeth, esthetic material fillings (white) for anterior teeth , root canal therapy, tooth extraction. The costs of cleaning, descaling, applying fluoride and sealing pits and fissures are not assumed by the Régie for children under 10 years of age.


Consult the partial list below or call for more information at (514) 900-2203).


FEES (short list)


Complete Oral Examination (1st visit): 190$ (includes opening of file, cleaning and all x-rays except panoramic)


Recall Exam (2x per year): 180$ (includes cleaning and all x-rays except panoramic)


Emergency Exam or Consultation: 39$


Specific X-ray: 30$


Panoramic X-ray: 75$


Sealant: 44$


Amalgam fillings: 58$to 274$


Composite filling: 112to 373


 Root Canal Treatment: 499to 1056$


Crowns and Veneers: 841+ laboratory fees (depending on the material chosen)


Teeth whitening (at home): 400$ (includes custom-made trays and gel. If you already have your trays, the syringe costs $ 30)


Extraction: 114$ (simple) to 404$ (surgical)


Nightguard (against bruxism): 446 $ + laboratory fees

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