Gum Grafts

Keep your roots covered.


Are your teeth sensitive? with visible roots? maybe you have gingival recessions.

Gingival recession is characterized by the thinning and loss of the gum covering the teeth, possibly causing the exposure of the roots of the affected teeth. Sensitivity to cold foods and even cold air can result. This condition is common and is associated with various problems and degrees of discomfort. Some types of recessions can be corrected with gingival grafts.

Here are some causes of gum recession:

Improper brushing technique: to avoid thinning your gums, go gently when brushing your teeth. Make small back and forth movements on one or two teeth at a time. Choose a soft bristle brush or electric toothbrush. Ask for a demo on your next visit.








Prominent frenulum: wrongly positioned muscle attachments of the lips and cheeks can create tension on your gums and cause a recession.








Overload on the teeth: imbalanced occlusal forces can cause loss of gingival attachment around the overloaded tooth.








Faulty restorations: badly adjusted and poorly polished fillings, crowns/veneers are very irritating to the gums since they contribute to the formation of calculus.









Calculus/poor oral hygiene: the bacteria present in the plaque/calculus cause inflammation of the gums, making it more fragile and more prone to recession.







Cigarette consumption: the heat and toxic elements in cigarettes affect proper blood circulation and prevent healing of the cells of the mouth, jaw bone and gums.




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