Keep your teeth in your mouth!


It's simple and requires only two short visits.

During your first appointment, we take necessary measurements as well as impressions of your teeth. When your mouthguard is made, we schedule your second appointment to give you your mouthpiece. Minor adjustments are made to insure proper fit.


Did you know that, contrary to ready-made models sold in pharmacies, your mouthguard is custom made by a dental technician? It is manufactured according to the shape of your jaw and the dimensions of your teeth. It can therefore only be used in your mouth.








A mouthguard is part of your equipment!


Don't forget to use!


If you have a color or a particular design in mind, let us know. We can communicate with the lab to accommodate you and offer you a mouthpiece that respects your preference!

How to care for your mouthguard? After each use, rinse with warm water and mild soap. You can also rub gently with your toothbrush. Leave to dry completely before you put it back in the provided box and keep away from the reach of children or pets who tend to put everything in their mouth! 

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