The main purpose of dental sealants is to cover the natural pits and fissures present on the surface of teeth in order to facilitate their cleaning and to prevent the formation of dental caries.

The application of sealants is done mainly on the permanent teeth of children, more specifically on the molars which erupt around the age of 6 years. It is a non-invasive technique, simple and fast and is done without anesthesia! That's a relief!



According to statistics, the first permanent molar is the tooth that is the most commonly treated with a root canal therapy. It's no surprise since they appear in the mouth around the age of six! They often end up getting dental caries since a child that age is not able to properly use a toothbrush.






A sealant:

1- fills deep groves

2- prevents dental caries

3- preserves dental integrity





Having said this, we must not neglect the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet.



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