Root Canal Montreal

Root Canal Montreal

Known for our root canal Montreal services, we strive on making this treatment one of ease and quality. The purpose of a root canal surgery or an endodontic treatment is to remove the contaminated pulp from your tooth. The treated tooth is kept in your mouth but now becomes devitalized. What is the dental pulp? It is a cluster of several elements that are found in each of your teeth. It is made up of nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for the transmission of pain and also the vascularization of your tooth cells. In short, it aims to keep your tooth alive. Unfortunately, as soon as the pulp is contaminated, its chances of survival are low. It is then necessary to resort our expertise to relieve and treat the tooth.

The pulp is located in a canal inside your tooth, more specifically in the root. A root can contain one or more canals. For example, a front tooth often contains a single canal in the center of the root. On the other hand, a first upper molar may contain three or four and rarely five!  However, the anatomical variations are numerous and unpredictable, so the number of canals can not be predicted based on a simple dental x-ray or a statistic. It is only by working in your teeth that we can confirm the number of canals present. 


Root Canal Montreal: Procedure Steps

After  local anesthesia, your tooth is isolated with a dental dam to prevent contamination by the bacteria in your saliva. In addition, the dam is there to prevent you from ingesting the disinfecting products used during the treatment. To get to the pulp, an access cavity is made and all caries are eliminated. If decay is extensive or extends beyond the roots, or if the tooth has cracks on its root walls, you must unfortunately consider extracting your tooth. The presence of split roots have a very poor prognosis on long run. As root cracks are extremely difficult to detect on dental x-rays, it is only after we access the canals that we can properly assess its prognosis.

The canals are then mechanically cleaned using endodontic files. This step is combined with chemical irrigation that ensures the disinfection of your tooth. Then, the canals are sealed. Often, a post is placed in one of the roots in order to support the filling.

After completing the root canal surgery, your tooth may need to be covered with a dental crown. This ensures the seal and longevity of the treatment. However, some patients only satisfy themselves with root canal therapy. They only want to relieve their dental pain. It is very important to understand that a fragile tooth that is not covered by a crown has a high chance of breaking and becoming unrecoverable. This is true for all teeth, with or without root canal treatment.

Postoperative Instructions for root canal Montreal surgeries

It is very important that you trust your the root canal Montreal services you are planning to use. Very often, a root canal surgery and therapy is combined with oral medication consisting of antibiotics and analgesics. Make sure you are being treated by qualified personnel in the Montreal dental clinic of your choice. Your tooth may remain sensitive for a few days following treatment. Any concerns should be communicated with the treating Montreal dentist without any delay.

At we take pride in our root canal Montreal services and will be happy to provide you with the best treatment in the best comfortable fashion.

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