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Teeth Cleaning Montreal

Looking for a teeth cleaning in montreal, let us clean your mouth! There is nothing more satisfying than having teeth freshly cleaned! You spend the day rubbing the tongue over your teeth. So when was your last teeth cleaning?

The "Ordre des dentistes du Québec" recommends the descaling of teeth twice a year in order to maintain good oral health. Also you should consider doing dental cleaning before any kind of cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening.

Some definitions: 

Dental plaque: layer of bacteria deposited on the surface of the teeth. Its deposit is accelerated by the consumption of sugary foods.

Calculus: The mineralization of dental plaque begins when the plaque is left on the teeth for as little as 48 hours! Hence the importance of brushing your teeth every day.

Periodontal Scaling: removal of the accumulation of calculus present on the surfaces of the teeth. This procedure is performed by a dentist or hygienist with curettes and/or ultrasonic instruments without the use of local anesthesia.

Prophylaxis : removal of dental plaque and extrinsic stains present on the surface of teeth.

Root Planing: removal of calculus present on the roots of teeth. Local anesthesia is recommended for this procedure.


Did you know that dental calculus is the main cause of bone loss around your teeth? So, if bacteria are not eliminated regularly, they begin to compromise the integrity of the jaw bone. Your teeth will become more sensitive, mobile. Don't let things drag. Damage is often irreversible and can lead to tooth loss!





To help you prevent periodontal disease (gums / bones) and the devastating consequences that may follow, we plan your cleaning appointments every 6 months.



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