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If you are looking for qualified cosmetic dentist Montreal services, is here to help you. We look to make your visits as easy as possible and our objective is that you come out from our clinic impressed with how great your teeth look and shocked that you didn't do these cosmetic treatments in your life. 

Whatever cosmetic dental treatment you are looking for in Montreal, we know exactly how to proceed with a series of steps that will ensure great results. Contact us for your appointment today and come see for yourself!

Teeth Whitening Montreal

Simple. Safe. Visible result.

What is the occasion?

Graduation of students with qualified cosmetic dentist montreal bleachingA girl hiding her smile while a man is proposing to her

A graduation, a wedding, an important interview? Or perhaps you just want to ''freshen'' your appearance?

Your smile is a powerful asset. Be proud of yours and brighten the day of other with your beautiful smile!

You have at your disposal 3 whitening techniques:

  1. Off the shelf products
  2. Take-home customized bleaching trays
  3. At the dental office

Go to the page Teeth Whitening Montreal to learn more or ask us your question during your next appointment at our clinic. We are here for you!

  • Don't forget to consult the Album section for cases treated in our clinic

Veneers and dental crowns

Natural. Functional. Customized.

cosmetic dentist montreal, dental veneer represented by a maskcosmetic dentist montreal, dental crown treatment

Are you bothered by the spaces between your teeth? You want to change their appearance? We can discuss together to offer you a solution.

  • A dental veneer is like a mask that is put on the face. It covers the outer surface of your tooth. Its purpose is purely aesthetic.
  • dental crown is like a helmet placed on the head. It covers all surfaces of the tooth. Its purpose is aesthetic but also functional. It also protects the tooth against fractures while improving its appearance.
  • don't forget to consult the Album for real cases treated in our clinic

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