Preventive Dentistry


Prevention is better than cure!

Our clinic takes this principle at heart and we hold strongly to our work philosophy. We put a lot of effort and invest a lot of time to educate our patients on their oral health. We are aware that dental treatments can often be long and complex. So prevention is very important to us. It will save you time, minimize costs and additional stress.

Our clinic puts at your disposal several services aiming to prevent dental disease and avoid complications. Click on the items below to learn more:

An occlusion plate protects your teeth against excessive wear if you suffer from bruxism, that is to say, if you tend to grind your teeth.

A mouthguard is a ''must'' if you or your children participate in contact sports.

Sealants help prevent the formation of dental caries in new erupting permanent teeth in young children. We strongly recommend the application of sealants on the molars and premolars of our young patients.

Dental crowns play a crucial role in the protection of fragile teeth by helping prevent dental fractures.

A teeth cleaning is recommended every 6 months and its purpose is to eliminate calculus and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. It helps prevent many oral diseases ( gum, jaw bone ) and maintains your teeth in good health.

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